Mike Lin

Mike Lin oversees all company operations as well as personally manages each individual project to ensure impeccable success. With extensive background in construction, project management, and general contracting, Mike brings with him the expertise and understanding to manage every aspect of complex projects from start to end. He is able to help source specific needs globally due to his wide-cast network, multi-linguistic ability, and diverse experience. Mike is involved at every step of the way, and his relentless drive for perfection ensures that no project will ever be without progress at any time.


Fred Kim brings to each venture the unique ability to firmly grasp the big picture while still being able to discern and troubleshoot the many intricate processes and components a well-run project entails. From being responsible for $100+ million projects and working with REITs and national retailers, Fred is adept at working towards a wide variety of client needs – presentation, reporting, accounting, contracting, owner representation, and tenant coordination, to name a few. Fred’s exceptional ability to conduct a project within schedule and budget has been essential to his professional success.

Manufacturing & Quality Control

Having studied architectural design at a top Taiwanese university, and with over twenty years of experience as a Designer, Project Manager, and Director of Design for Taisen Furniture – the publicly-traded parent company of Universal Furniture in the U.S. – Frank Wang has worked with countless furniture designers, manufacturers, and clientele from the likes of distributors, end users, and more all over the Asian and European continents. Frank’s vast network of resources in the furnishing and manufacturing industries guarantees clients with projects of any size requiring any type of specialty craftsmanship the most professional, efficient, and capable producers in the field.

Johnny Wu
Sourcing & Logistics

Johnny Wu is the logistics guru at Ikey Inc., keeping itineraries involving procurement, freight forwarding, trucking, delivery, and installation ticking like clockwork. Having been involved in the international export business his entire professional career, Johnny has grown a profound understanding of the manufacturing and logistics process as a whole. He possesses a far-reaching network of production facilities to provide any material or finish desired, whether it be stainless steel, exterior wood, fiberglass molds, or 300,000 double-rub fabric for outdoor furnishing needs. Furniture designs are accurately produced and shipments acutely on time when Johnny is doing what he does best.

Alan Tse

Alan Tse is the mastermind behind every great Ikey furniture and architectural design. With a keen eye for innovative form and dedication to functionality, Alan consolidates ideas of form and function into creative and pragmatic solutions. He is also the design principle of Alan Tse Design, a San Francisco-based architectural design practice specializing in commercial interiors, custom residences, and hospitality projects. In addition, Alan was a lecturer at his alma mater, U.C. Berkeley, instructing fourth year undergraduates in the latest concepts on building design. 

Matt Baran

Principal of Baran Studio Architecture, Matt is a diverse designer with extensive experience in commercial, institutional, and single- and multi-family residential architecture, with broad knowledge of landscape design and construction technologies. He has designed a variety of accomplished works – WordPress HQ (San Francisco), projects in Roppongi & Shiodome (Tokyo), UC Riverside Student Center, Pacific Athletic Club (San Diego) – as well as received multiple awards and published several works regarding his green building efforts, such as on the revitalization of the Oakland Mandela Parkway neighborhood. He has also helped guide the next generation of designers as a lecturer for the U.C. Berkeley graduate program and full-time instructor at Academy of Art University, San Francisco. 

Nick Sowers

Nick Sowers has 10+ years in architecture and design across the state of California in addition to having worked on custom projects in other parts of the world. His international professional background has helped nurture a broader design sensibility; with it, Nick is an expert at utilizing, reconciling, and executing various inventive ideas and concepts from different environments and cultures across the globe, all while maintaining the consistency of quality, vision, and purpose of each project. Nick has lectured at Christchurch Polytechnic University for Architectural Design and taught at U.C. Berkeley as a design studio instructor for the College of Environmental Design Undergraduate Division.